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Membership Costs

Mac's not trying to skim the top off every sale and get rich off your blood, sweat, and beers. But he certainly ain't working for free.

When you join the club, Mac charges $60/hour for the work he does putting your brand and products on the website.

For a single product listing and short profile page, you're looking at spending about $60.

  1. Make something decent.

  2. Figure out how to ship it, and put a price on it.

  3. Mac will create a new page on the website for you and your product(s).

  4. When the product sells, Mac will contact you, and you'll be responsible for putting the package in the mail.

  5. When you get the package in the mail, you will be paid 97% of the sale price. The other 3% goes to the credit card processing service.

  6. Mac thanks you for being a part of a team of people who help themselves by helping promote each other.

How it Works

Membership Benefits
  • A place to sell your wares online

  • A profile on the Spit & Whittle website

  • The promotional efforts of all members combined

  • More exposure than you could generate on your own

  • A graphic designer, web designer, and photographer on speed-dial

  • A safe, easy way to start doing what you love for a living

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