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SnW Craft Day 001

Our first official Craft Day began around 9am, just as Mac had finished setting up the table saw and chop saw outside. Tinker, McDonald, and Jose came over with a cooler full of beer (which we enjoyed AFTER the saws were put away) and we set to work.

September's project was a backgammon board. We decided to make it using scraps of western red cedar clapboards, which was the first decision of many that make this a one-of-a-kind item.

Everybody helped out. Tinker kept things organized while Mac was ripping material on the table saw. McDonald cut pieces to rough lengths, then threw a creativity curveball into the mix: Don't just use clapboards for the box sides, use them for the triangles inside the box as well. AND, alternate their orientation so some taper from thick to thin, and the others thin to thick.

Jose rubbed a coat of stain on half of the triangles and game pieces, and we had ourselves one full day of some crafty, creative, good-time-having collaboration.

Over the next few weekends, Mac and McDonald put the finishing touches on the board. Just in time for October's craft day!

This combination Backgammon & Cribbage Board is the product of the work and creativity of several people. Neither one of us could have thought up or made this exact item on our own. The Spit & Whittle Club is all about harnessing the infinite creativity of collaboration. Get your crafty ass in here!

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