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Spit & Whittle Club - Meeting 001

Updated: May 4, 2019

I've been wanting to work more group projects into my life. So I did one! My mom's been wanting to find a craft she can build for the Spit & Whittle Club online store. She decided she'd like to build an old fashioned wooden toolbox, and wondered if I'd like to help. Course I did!

I called Grammy to invite her over and she said "Oh perfect, I've got a couple things I need fixed. I'll bring them over Saturday morning.

Grammy had a little cutting board that was all scratched up and needed refinishing. I found a wood block that was about the size of a soap bar, and dug out the sand paper. Grammy wrapped a piece of medium grit sandpaper around the block and proceeded to sand the bejesus out of that cutting board.

Next, she brought out a small wooden stand, the size of a shoebox. She wanted to tuck it under her upper kitchen cabinets and stick her microwave on it, but it was a bit too tall. We ran it through the table saw and removed 3/4" off the bottom of the two legs. The table saw didn't quite put the perfect angle on one leg, causing it to rock slightly. A block plane finished the job.

THEN MOM AND I GOT TO IT and started to make plans for our toolbox. We had to start by picking out material from my scrap pile, and we settled on some narrow strips of western red cedar. WELL! I need to wrap this up.

western red cedar toolbox

Long story short, we fixed some shit and built some shit. You get the idea.

See you after next month's meeting!

-Mac McElwain

4/14/2019 - Sunday - 7:00pm

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